Our Little Piece of the Beautiful Texas Hill Country

Granite Shoals Tx


We have been trying for 3 years now to try to find a way to get a bigger bathtub for Deedy. We tried to remodel the bathrooms in the bedrooms - but the cost was WAY more than we wanted to spend. Deedy is a Craigslist addict - finds a lot of good deals. She found a nice garden tub so we bought it and found a real good carpenter in Granite Shoals (Eric Butler 830-798-4068) - he built the box and the top - did a fine job. He is also going to put up the peg board in the garage so I can get some of this mess cleaned up - he had a real nice door w/ a full glass front so we are going to put that in the front door of Deedy's studio. Charlie Suggs (Charlie's Plumbing 830-613-2389) did the plumbing and has done some other odd jobs and has always showed up and does a fine job.

We went to Bali several years ago and the hotel had an outdoor shower and tub. Deedy was going to surprise me and have some friends come over and build it while I was at work one weekend - just couldn't get it together so we are going to start next week. For all that wonder - this area has a 6' fence around it. The first three pictures are "The Tub" - it drains out in the garden - we have to be careful about the soaps that we use because of the vegetables.

The other pics are shots of the house - we put up a 6' to block all the views from our neighbors and also gave us a place to fix up w/ nice landscaping and a nice private area. I put the pond in last year and haven't done much w/ it. I have some future plans for it - what they are who knows!!!! We put the patios and covers up when we first moved in - they have been really nice to get out of the sun. The rest are just random shots of the property. We have 9 lots (includes the 4 the house sits on) - trying to keep the builders off of me. 

The tub is progressing well - the tile guy was here today and it really looks a lot better - when I get the rocks in and the rose stone down it will look good with the color of the tile he used.


Newest member of the family "Gracie". Deedy found her at the Corner Market when she was about 3 weeks old and nursed her back to health. She sure is a sweet kitty.

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This is our Private Area behind the fence. We have a friend that is a landscaper and hopefully we can convince her to throw in some ideas.

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Painted the house

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Got a great rock guy - we changed the front entry to the house. Those guys can see those rocks - sure looks better.

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New wood holder

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Peaches on the tree

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Rebuilding the pond - more will come as it progress.

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"Nacho" put the rock for the flower beds - putting down the landscape felt. The will be filled w/ river rock, large river rock and flowers. The far corner is going to be an agave cactus. Put the same rocks around the hot tub and we will do the same as the big gardens.

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These are pics of the backyard and the front and side of the house.

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Just Lots

The first two are looking at the kitchen window. There have been a couple of fawns born there and a couple of Red Fox were there for a while. Mostly cactus that bloom big red cactus flowers. The flowers are used to make Cactus Jelly also can be used in other various ways. The next 3 pics is one lot that is across the street - in the summer time it is covered with Blue Bonnets and Indian Paintbrush. The last two pics are to lots that are across from the end of the yard. I put the 24' gates in so that I could get the RV in the back yard.

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This is the view from the kitchen window. Here are some of the frequent visitors - they live in the trees in the back of the lot.

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The cactus blooming - this is the lot that the kitchen looks out.

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