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The Rat Rod

1948 Ford F-1



1959 Yellowstone RV




This is where we got our Aquaponic Garden

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Aquaponic Garden


Day 7


Week 3


2nd Grow Bed Installed 4/08/2013


Greenhouse 4/16/2013


These are chronological pictures - look at the dates below the pics






We are selling our Little Piece of the Hill Country



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Susie Fire


The Denby Family Sam - Eric - Ryan 3 Months



Sitio de Barriles




 Our First Panama Trip


Oregon 2013


Big Bend 11/11/11



"The Bug"


Coast With Dot - Swimming - River


Old GS House


Our Backyard in GS


Kitchen Remodel 2011








To The Flame 


Deedy - Dudley Adventures


Working on the House


Enhancing the Pond


Our Critters


Park Road 4


Resident Cardinal


Gigantic Tomato Plant